Representatives of Cuba are chosen in Miami in beauty contests


Cuba will be represented in international beauty contests with Daniela Espinoza Hernández as Miss Grand Cuba International, Luis Daniel Gálvez as Mister Cuba Supranational and Liz Rodríguez as Miss Cuba Supranational, the agency reported Monday. notistarz.

The three Cubans were chosen this Sunday in a contest held at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, by a jury made up of celebrities such as models Bárbara Castellanos and Marianela Ancheta, and influencer Pollito Tropical, among others, the agency added.

Cubans will participate in beauty pageants in Thailand and Poland.

“This experience has been incredible. I feel completely satisfied because it was worth it. I have surpassed myself a lot and I know that I am still on the right path to continue improving myself. The greatest honor is the opportunity to represent my country and be able to raise the voice for all Cubans inside and outside,” said Daniela Espinoza Hernández, Miss Grand Cuba International.

Luis Daniel Gálvez, Mister Cuba Supranational, also said that he was “very excited” to represent Cubans. “Now we just have to keep climbing and not give up, keep looking for higher peaks.”

Liz Rodríguez, selected Miss Cuba Supranational, pointed out that she will carry the responsibility “with great pride.” “And above Cuba!”.

For the first time since the 1960s, Cuban representatives have been chosen for three of the five major international beauty contests, through a television show. The idea was developed by the Venezuelans Prince Julio César, Faddya Halabi and Rafael Ingannamorte, reviewed notistarz.

From 1952 to 1967 if there was a participation of Cuba in the Miss Universe contest. But since 1968, the island stopped sending a representative due to financial crisis and political problems. However, Cuban representation was sent to the Miss World contest until 1975, added the aforementioned source.

“I have always seen that Cuba does not participate in important beauty pageants. The largest exodus of Cubans is in Miami, and that diaspora is going to allow us to put on a wonderful and incredible show, for the first time,” said the national director of the Miss and Mister Supranational Cuba and Miss Grand International Cuba, Prince Julio César.

César hopes “that the contestants and winners participate in the most important beauty pageants in the world, as spokespersons and practitioners of real social causes.”

The director added that he seeks to discover new talents for the entertainment industry, “with women and men who foster values ​​such as respect, humility and love. Taking on the challenge of making Miss and Mister Cuba has been one of the most great things that have happened to me. Sharing with so many boys and girls with hope, emotion and a desire to be able to represent their country is something incredible”.

“It is a joy for the Cuban people to have these representations and to begin to recognize the talent and beauty of the Cuban people, which is incredible,” said Noti Faddya Halabi, national director of Miss and Mister Supranational Cuba and Miss Grand International Cuba. , a notistarz.